Icebox conversion 


This summer I grew tired of carrying ice to the boat to keep the brewskis cold. Even though the ice was free it added gallons of water to my bilge weekly. I went to the Annapolis boat show on a mission to look for a conversion kit, most manufactures where represented there. I settled on a company called E-Z Kold out of Canada. They had prices for holding plate systems that rivaled the other condenser type units.  



E-Z Kold uses the Danfoss compressor, I got the BD50 with the water cooling option. I will add this at a later time. 

Gas lines

In this view you can see where I ran the gas lines. One thing nice about E-Z Kold is that they custom make each unit so I did not have 12 feet of gas line to deal with. 


I opted for their box styled holding plate, this was a little more than the standard plate. Notice the lid.

I notched the old block ice rack for easy removal and easy access to the beer.

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