Bertrand's water tank project

The following are excerpts from Bertrand's e-mails

Hi This is Bertrand from Milford Ct, 83 Allmand 35 tri cabin I was experiencing some fresh water trouble Sediment in the line, clogged tap often pour water pressure and leaks from the main water tank situated mid ship on top of the keel. Well I decided to open the tank on top next to the water intake What a mess it was delaminated and leaking tank I cleaned up the inside made it smooth. And ordered an custom made bladder tank from Aircraft rubber Mfg tel 541 388 0203

  I should get my new bladder tank in a few days now If anyone is interested I can provide some photos and more detailed steps. I am glad to have found a group of Allmand owners I look forward to exchange any info available.

  I have access to the keel tank right in mid ship on the floor board by the main salon aft of the mast. One pic is a top view I was standing over the opening, note I have installed an 6" inspection port on the bottom of the tank to check the top of the keel from time to time (when the bladder will be empty) Before I cut of a hole in the top of the tank, I tried to do some exterior repair to the tank, but I had a feeling that they was something wrong inside. In my case I can tell you that the tank was deteriorating inside and water was sipping thru the keel and into the bilge, (see pic#2 inside the tank)  

Click here to see a drawing of the size of the keel tank.